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Drake - Nice For What...Pays homage hard working women

Drake delivers yet again! His newest music video "Nice For What" is a star-studded affair, and the internet is overwhelmed (in the best way possible). The 31-year-old rapper highlights several notable female stars, and viewers everywhere are thrilled. Not only is the song catchy as hell, these empowered and admirable women look like they're having the time of their lives. They've taken the reins in this video (in Jourdan Dunn's case, literally), and they're acting like total bosses. We are not complaining. We're inspired.

When it comes to loving this new song, it looks like we're not alone. The internet is all over this badass video, too, and the response is outstanding. Keep reading to see some of our favorite reactions to Drake's newest hit, from favorite lyrics to surprise celebrity cameos, and don't be afraid to dance around and watch the video for a second, third, fourth, or even nineteenth time. It's that good.

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