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Michigan TV anchor accused of sexual harassment including making female journalist watch pornography

Michigan TV anchor has been accused of forcing a female journalist to watch pornography and asking if he could urinate on her.

Tara Edwards is suing TV station WXYZ for $100 million over claims that Channel 7 morning news anchor Malcom Maddox sexually harassed her over a number of years.
Her lawsuit stated that Maddox falsely claimed that was having an affair with Edwards who he said would perform 'deviant sex acts'. He even told coworkers he might be the father of her unborn child.

He also tricked her into looking at a photo of his penis after he told her to look at a 'work email' on his cell phone. Edwards told him his actions 'repulsed' her, the suit states.

The lawsuit states that WXYZ failed to do anything to stop the harassment and forced her to take another job at the station away from Maddox.
The suit stated that, despite a 2015 investigation which found Maddox had carried out unacceptable behavior with multiple women at WXYZ, he was allowed to continue his employment and was even promoted to news anchor.

Edwards left the company on December 31, 2016, although the suit doesn't say why. 
Maddox still remains at the station.

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