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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Special Part 2: The End of an Era

And we're back with part 2 and possibly the final ever episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta since...

1) Joseline quit the show on air and we all know that she is in fact the show, so like New Edition sang, this is the end.....

Side note: Joseline's outfit was KILLING them even if she wouldn't grace the stage.

2) Estelita's face when they pulled out that clip of Joseline and Stevie dancing in the studio straight deja vu style was PRICELESS! Of course Stevie has ulterior motives, he hasn't had a hit since the 90s, why would anyone think he could advance their career with anything other than reality TV?

Sidenote: Those flashback clips tell it all, cause the Puerto Rican Princess wasn't looking all caked and stacked a few seasons ago, those checks have helped her um.... enhance.

3) I feel Scrappy, I need an inhaler too cause listening to Momma Dee talk about her bedroom escapades is too much! Happy to see she and Earnest worked it out, but yuck!

4) How many times can you say the word b**** in 5 minutes or less? Pretty sure Tommie and Lovely Mimi broke a record tonight with that little tirade and if Karlie doesn't sit her OLD self down somewhere and stop trying to be in the middle of everyone's stuff. When do you have time to work in this store you're always talking about?

5) Only Love & Hip Hop could turn Jamaica into a tragedy! Hot mess is all I can say, but at least Jessica Dime got a ring out of it. Now let's hope she makes it down the aisle.

6) Why are Scrappy and Stevie just crying the whole dang show? And why is Miss Deb always trying to be Iyanla Vanzant getting someone back with their parents? She should have learned from this and reapplied on Growing Up Hip Hop before she went to get Bow Wow's Dad.

7) Melissa, Melissa, Melissa....why? Crazy how the mediator of the season ended up having beef on the reunion special, but apparently Ariane can bring it out of you. Ah well, go green!

Side note: When will Ariane and Mimi just get together already???

8) If Kirk and Rasheeda sit together one more time! Kirk couldn't even be on the stage with me. Either way, can't wait to see what Miami brings for Scrappy and if Erica ever resurfaces.

9) LPG gang! We all want to see that again Stevie, but um after Joseline called child services, I think those days are finally done.

10) And there you have it folks another season wrapped! Only time will tell if we see another one.

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