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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion Part 1: Tears, Turmoil and Taper Fails

Allright folks we're back for the season wrap up of the ratchetness known as the Love & Hip Hop Reunion, let's get it started!

1) So Joseline apparently causes drama whether she's present or not as the cast pleads with her to come out. She's not wrong, this show is really nothing without her.

SideNote: I see Tammie figured out what was good and decided to head out on tour with Waka. Way to save your marriage girl!

2) When are Joc and Scrappy getting their own show? Seriously they are the most interesting cast members of any season.

3) What in the Jermaine Jackson is going on with Joc's hairline?

4) Welp Lovely Mimi's attempt at more camera time failed swiftly. And what is there to say about Tommie? Really not much because until she gets in a strong AA program she'll be good for nothing but reality TV drama.

5) Um, why are Kirk and Rasheeda sitting by each other sharing jokes? Look I know they have kids and have to be cordial, but there is no way that we are being chummy chummy if the kids aren't around. All these smiles only futher fuel the allegations this is all for TV and make these tears look real crocodile. If they end up on next season of Marriage Boot Camp, I'm calling shenanigans.

6) Why don't people play to their strengths? If Karlie doesn't get a reality show where she starts a ratchet reality detective agency I don't know what's wrong with her.

7) Lawd, Kirk and Rasheeda got the whole stage crying! Kirk does not deserve to cry, he's been a jerk since he wanted to be all in the hot tub a few seasons back.

8) Shooter looks like he took a Depo-Provera shot with this belly. Why on earth does he have his shirt all the way open? Here's to hoping they do not become recurring characters.

9) Why is Melissa wearing this vampire/undertaker get up?

10) As expected they opted to stretch this out as looonnnngggg as possible, so next week we get to find out if Joseline finally comes on stage.

'Til then folks!

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