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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 9: DNA!! DNA!!

Buckle up folks, time for another week of the ratchet!

1. Well Stevie and Joseline got at least one more season of back and forth now that Bonnie Bella has come into the picture. Maybe the 6th time's the charm. He may as well just go ahead and move Mimi and Joseline in with Miss Nikki Baby as the night nurse and the Panamanian Goddess for days.

2. If Waka and Tammie are your ideal couple inspiration, you are in major trouble Bambi. I agree that it's great you didn't walk down the aisle. And would Waka and Tammie please just get back together already! This storyline is over.

3. Dang Treasure was over there sounding like Kara from the Cosby Show! Who knew she could talk that fast? Really don't understand why she would mess up a career move by telling her "sis" who was supposedly dating someone else about Joc. She should have learned from Moriah that being messy gets checks stopped.

4. Um, what the heck is going on with Gunplay's lip? #BUMBUMP And does anyone else sniff the foundation being laid for Love & Hip Hop Miami? Let's just hope they somehow manage to get Luther Campbell as the Stevie J of that edition.

5. So Momma Dee is basically mad at Ernest for treating his mama the way Scrap treats her? Hmm, hypocrite much? #HelloPotMeetKettle

6. There is not a person alive that is messier than Karlie Redd! So now she's mad that Tammie and Tommie are friends when she's trying to make up with Joseline? Girl stop! And separation, divorce or whatever she and Kirk are doing is agreeing with Rasheeda because she's looking flawless with her new hair.

7.  So now Kirk feels like Jesus??? #REALTEARS And Scrappy knows he hasn't done anything but open a can of worms by telling his mama about Rasheeda and Kirk's drama.

Sidenote: How is Scrappy having a bachelor party with no intentions of getting married?

8. He rented out a movie theater and gave you all his passwords Tammie, just take him back for crying out loud! Of course he didn't tell you about that burner phone, but just take him back anyway Sidenote: Why do they keep putting up subtitles like Waka speaks another language? #ATLien

9. Welp, it didn't take long for Scrappy's party to go left! Why was Treasure crawling on her knees for an internship on a non-syndicated radio show? This ain't The Breakfast Club, girl! This might be the only time in the history of L&HH that Joc turned down a woman on her knees. And who has gambling money on how many drinks will fly when Joseline gets word of the Panamanian Princess?

10. But as always Mama Shirleen takes the cake! Never mind the fact you probably just embarrassed the crap out of your daughter, you actually thought it was a good idea to have a room full of people chanting DNA!!! like it was a rally cry! If Kirk knows what's good for him, he'll try to get on this Miami edition of L&HH and never look back.

We're over the hump of this season, til next week!

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