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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 10: Bonfires and BS

Another week, some more ratchet!

1. It is hilarious how Joseline can make herself the center of any story.  Pretty sure that Tommie's fight wasn't over her, but okay. However, we have to give Joseline credit on that epic snapback!

Sidenote: Seriously, where did Melissa come from and why is she steady mediating???

2. Okay, the fact that Joc is still living in a treehouse is still comical, but can someone please share exactly how much mascara Karlie was wearing? Was it the whole tube? Over there looking like Tears From A Clown for real.

3. Rasheeda can check everyone but her mama! It doesn't matter what her husband did, Ms. Shirleen had no right to jump up in the mix and embarrass her like that. And for real, where is Kirk?? I feel like someone needs to put out a milk carton on him because he is surely MIA. Perhaps that's because he's going to pop up on the MIA version of this show that is coming soon...

4. Tommie really needs to get a crossover check from Iyanla Fix My Life! That girl is damaged goods, flat out. She and her mom could make a whole season work.

5. Can we please get a wikipedia page on the relationship between Tommie, KK and her mama? Entirely confused about how they are all interacting because if Tommie met KK through Scrap, how did KK get to know all of her mama's business?

6. Yeah um that snapback looked a little better a couple of scenes ago Joseline... Sidenote: Who eats a banana like that outside of a porno?

7. So this fake "Why Did I Get Married" bonfire is a mess! Sierra, why in the world would you come tell all your business to a group of new people? Like people you don't know AT ALL?

8. Um Karlie, no one actually proposed to you! Benzino took his back, Lyfe gave you a fake ring, these aren't real proposals! If you're drinking yourself to sleep it should be over the fact that you're a 50+ yr old woman calling a man who lives in a tree house and doesn't claim you your boyfriend!

9.  Mimi oh Mimi, now you want to burn all traces of Nescafe! We don't feel sorry for you and that farce of a sex tape. #NEXT

10. Welp, that went left quick! Yet again, why would you have ever agreed to even link up, but since you did, you could have at least listened to what Karlie had to say.

Allrighta all, til next week!

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