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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 6 Special Edition: Joseline's Special Delivery

We take a moment away from watching the Met Gala Red Carpet for the foolishness that is Joseline's Special Delivery:

1. Does anyone else feel like Bonnie's "nursery" was only built for the set and Joseline probably has this baby sleeping in a drawer or something?

2. So now we're supposed to let Joseline have a teaching moment with her little brother about his unplanned pregnancy when she's currently pregnant with the 27th child of a coke head Master Splinter? #QuitIt

3. I feel like no one really explained to Joseline what a water birth is and she thinks it's going to be like a Love & Hip Hop Pool party or something.

4. Joseline has never held a baby?? If I didn't think this was going to go horribly wrong before, I have no clue what's going to happen now. And if there's a class to grade a person taking care of fake babies, why is this not a mandate to having a baby??

Sidenote: That woman's face when Joseline said she had never held a baby #Priceless

5. Um, when did Nikki and Joseline become a couple? So Miss Nikki Baby is out here just doing anything for a crossover show including getting all up in Joseline's cooty cat?

6. Did anyone else not really believe Joseline spoke Spanish until her family came to visit?

7. Leave it to Joseline to find a way to have classical strippers at her baby shower! Who plans their own baby shower by the way?

8. How many times are they going to show this Joseline in pain during labor clip? It's labor! Unlike Joseline, we all know it hurts! And clearly I was correct about no one explaining to Joseline what a water birth was going to be like, to the hospital she goes!

9. So this baby many thoughts! First off, it's like every L&HH reject came out to celebrate. I mean you got Lovely Mimi and Mariah Lynn? You couldn't even get Karlie Redd's attention seeking behind to show up at the shower? Then Momma Dee was considered to be a guest of honor?? For real? And clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree since Mama Hernandez was cheering loudly at a song called "I Used To Be a Hoe" and a full-on strip show. And the cake????? Who wants to eat a graphic baby shower cake, no matter how good it tastes? Had to be the most ghetto fabulous shower ever...Sidenote: Did Momma Dee knight Joseline??? ***REAL TEARS***

10. Finally we get the real labor! First off, Joseline was over there sounding like Strange in Boomerang. I feel like she was entirely unprepared for what labor was going to entail, since she tried to give birth in a wig! But at least we finally got a full on peek at the beautiful Bonnie Bella! Happy to see Stevie showing up and hopefully the joy of moment last forever and they don't go back to the bickering.

Welp, there's an hour of my life I'll never get back, til next week!

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