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Why Are Facebook Users Finding It Harder To Share Posts?

Facebook had some changes, so I hate even wasting time answering because next week it will probably change. To address the original question and the multitude of responses that really are just mostly more questions:

Most people have fixed their issue by changing a post "Public." That is one option. But most of the time we want to share things NOT PUBLIC.

Until several months ago, if you posted something to a list (say Family or Close Friends), it had a share button. Why Facebook changed it, I don't know, but they did. And because of the change, if you post it to a special list, no share button. Your easiest option (other than Public) is if you set your audience to "Friends" then there should be a share button. 

However, you can still control the audience with a work-around. If you set the audience to "Custom" with "Friends" at the top, then you can ... after the except part... use customized lists to exclude people. For example, if I want to share with most friends, but not people who hate politics I can make a No Politics group, of a PG rated list etc. Then the share button is still there because FB sees "FRIENDS" on top and the program allows that.

IF you are in a group and you want to share something to be shared, such as a public article (for example a newspaper story or something that no one can control sharing), it can be shared from the group. Even in closed or secret groups, public items can be shared outside of the group. 

But if you upload your own pictures, posts, etc, you cannot share those with others out of the group.... so no share button. 

Hope this is helpful. 

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