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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 7: It's Not A Party Without Punch(es)

Here we go again, time for another week of the ratchet recap that is Love & Hip Hop:

1. Seriously, does anyone actually work at the Glam Shop? Every time we see these people they're fighting, drinking, or chatting. Somebody wax a brow, fill an acrylic, something! And how is Karlie wondering how she always get caught up in someone's relationship drama? Perhaps because she searches for it in the daylight with a flashlight....

2. C'mon Tammie just give Waka another chance already! We all know you're going to get back with him just do it already. Kudos to trying to show your daughter the right way to do things and how she should be treated, but let's not pretend you didn't think a rapper was going to cheat on you when he went on tour.  #QuitIt

3. KK said, "Don't get high on your own supply Tommie!". And she's correct, Tommie making wine is like Joseline narrating audiobooks, bad idea. Hopefully Tommie listens and really gets the help that she needs because anyone who grew up playing in a cemetery needs a permanent seat on some therapist's couch. Sidenote: What in the world does KK have on??? This straight out of Rainbow outfit needs to be retired.

4. Nobody gets you straight like your mama! Deb told Waka do what you want to if you're a "grown a** man", but don't bring nobody else to my door! I know that's right. But seriously, see #2, let's reunite like Peaches and Herb. Sidenote: Deb is continuing the trend of bad lacefronts on this show! Why in the world did the hair budget go down so much this season?

5. What kind of Genoa City Young & the Restless crap does Joseline think Stevie is capable of? I mean if you could fake DNA tests, do you think he would already have 5 kids? You sound like you need those drug tests that Stevie is requesting.

6. Joc really deserves whatever wrath Karlie is about to unleash on him behind this pseudo relationship, cause you know Jessica's mouth is going to get to running in 5..4..3..2..

7. Hold up! Sierra you let this Moriah chick drive your husband home? Never that, you already know if Uber couldn't take him ya'll should have been walking together because you never let a young impressionable on the come up skeez spend private time with your husband.

8. So for 7 months you wanted nothing Joseline but for Stevie to take that DNA test and shouted fro the rooftop he was your baby daddy and now that he did and he you don't know what you're going to do? Ummm you're going to do whatever it takes to keeping getting a check like you always have. Only now there's a tiny human involved so for everyone's sake I really hope you grow up very soon.

9. Well another party another fight! Has there ever been a Love & Hip Hop opening/closing/listening/release/winetasting party without one? Why do we continue to have these parties? Way too many comments on this one.

First, why did lovely Mimi come in looking like a Compton Mermaid Barbie? Next, why are you constantly starting fights Tommie, when you know you're on probation? Then, why did Jessica have to bring up some super old stuff about Tammie (who was a little out of order interrupting her, but her heart was in a good place) when she knew it would start some drama on her "friend's" big night? Finally, where was Melissa?  This is one party that could have used a little mediation which seems to be her only role on this show.

Sidenote: Scrappy, as always gave us another memeable face!

10. Why did Tommie's mama come in looking like a crackhead Catwoman?

Can't wait til next week when we'll hopefully be treated to more of Scrappy's facial reactions!

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