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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 6: Woman Empowerment Gone Wrong

Allright, buckle up, it's time for another week of Love & Hip Hop and the ratchetness it brings:

1. How is it Joseline wants to ask for a favor and have an attitude at the same time? Jessica Dime is about to get wrapped all back up in Joseline's mess and it doesn't kick her in her surgically enhanced backside.

2. So Stevie is really hoping for a 2nd season of that reality show with this Father Knows Best routine huh?  I can't wait to see who gets drowned in that pool first if he really manages to have all of these women living under one roof.

Sidenote: I'm really waiting for a crossover spinoff with him, Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz aiming to teach us all parenting skills.....

3. Welp, Moriah to Hoeriah sounds about right Lovely Mimi with this girl basically blackmailing Shooter to get a down payment for her nightclub. First off, who thinks a man is going to give a sidepiece 70 stacks, without his wife knowing, and he's out here driving an outdated Benz? Secondly, does Atlanta really need another nightclub? Finally, Moriah needs to get an investor for that lacefront, sheesh!

4. What we not gon do! There you go Joc, get Treasure all the way back in line and make sure she knows her place. If Joc and Sina really aren't together, it doesn't matter who he's messing around with. I still do not  understand how Sina can't smash your boy Rod, when you're basically smashing half the cast Joc.

5. Happy to see Stevie making amends with his kids even if it took a pending DNA test for him to do it.

6. Well hello pot, meet kettle!  So now it's not okay for Sina to be dating a friend and have him around your kids Joc, but last season, Sina wasn't supposed to ask you any questions about what you were doing? #BoyBye

Sidenote: Why did that baby hit Joc with the Kanye shrug like she had never seen him before?

7. Joseline, what is Woman Empowerment? Is it like Women's Empowerment? And why can you only be an empowered woman if you don't need a man? And last, if you don't need no baby daddy, why are you so stuck on Stevie taking this DNA test so he can pay child support?

8. Welp, Lovely Mimi held on to that little secret for all of 2 commercial breaks! I guess Sierra and Shooter needed something to be relevant.

9. Really, I'm still trying to figure out why this Melissa girl is even around? If she's Mimi's girlfriend, why is she always with Joseline? Is she meant to be some type of narrator? A mediator? Inquiring minds want to know.

10. Um Moriah, you basically just screwed up your own deal. So now, you lost a job, an income stream, and what was probably at least a mediocre smash? #DUMMY

Allright, all, til next week!

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