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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 5: U-N-I-T WHY???

Here we go folks, time for another week of the Love & Hip Hop!

1. Okay,  I'm with Scrappy, so everybody wore a rubber, but this girl still got pregnant? Um, ok. Kirk just sounds like a super duper creep. Like for real, he should leave the show and join the NYC cast with all of this side baby drama and get Peter Gunz to teach him how to do it right. You know it's a messed up table when Stevie J. is the least trifling person with a seat. They need to all just go half on a DNA test and move on.

Sidenote: Every time Bobby Valentino makes a guest appearance, straight up f***ery ensues.

2. So, Sierra wants to be sooo high and mighty, but then she goes on a double date and instantly becomes uber ratchet? In what world do you start talking about your husband's lack of bedroom skills in the presence of Karlie Redd? The most ratchet of them all? Shooter was right to leave because that could go nowhere but left.

3. Why is Melissa falling for the Joseline okey doke? I don't get it.  Girl, you acting like you're in the sunken place.  Have Joseline do her own dirty work and try to reconcile with these women for the 400th time. And why are you empowering women to say they don't need their baby daddy's when you're steady trying to make your baby daddy claim your child?

4. I'm already entirely bored with this whole Treasure, Mariah, Sierra, etc. storyline, but I am tuned in for us to find out who Treasure's married boo is, because my bets are now on Sierra's husband.

5. So Kirk, you got caught in a hot tub and had to throw an apology party and you thought there was going to be an easy way to walk back having a side baby? #BoyBye Ms. Shirleen said it best, you need to go on ahead and file for a divorce.

Sidenote: Why is Rasheeda's mama wearing a name plate?

6. Um, did anyone think that Tammie was going to do anything for Joseline besides possibly returning the favor of snatching off her wig.

Sidenote: Where does Karlie get off giving a work analogy? What refrigerator or office do you have to put a lunch in for anyone to eat it? #QuitIt

7. Does Rod remind anyone else of Suge Knight? He is the last person that I would lie on. And why did you ever think that letting Karlie take a picture of your baby was going to lead to anything but a mess? And now Joc is back pedaling, like um I said I slept with A GIRL named Jasmine, not you! I meant like Aladdin and Jasmine! Would somebody please give these people a DNA test already???

8. Um, welp, I was wrong and this just got a little more interesting now that we find out Sierra's protege is actually her husband's sidepiece! LAWD! This is getting messier by the minute! I may need a stack of those fake hundreds to fan myself off. lolol!

9. Why is Tommie walking around looking like she just finished a late shift at Stroker's? For someone trying to practice anger management, she may have just wanted to stay at home, because she came in ready for a fight.

10. So now Joseline is mad at Jessica for showing up to her meeting? This is exactly why the only person that came is the one who needs the most screen time.

Allright all, til next week!

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