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Fact Checking: Aaron Hernandez Did Not Have A Gay Lover In Prison

Within the past week, blogs and news media websites went wild with posts and articles regarding Aaron Hernandez and a possible gay lover. Which we now know is false, Aaron Hernandez never was associated with a gay lover
The three notes recovered in Aaron Hernandez's prison cell were written to his fiancee, his daughter and his attorney, Jose Baez ... NOT a supposed gay lover, sources tell TMZ Sports. 
The contents of the letters are being kept under wraps for now -- but sources familiar with the investigation tell us the ex-NFL player did not leave any sort of a message for another inmate.
There are reports Hernandez had been corresponding with a "gay lover" during his time in lockup -- but Baez had previously shot that down as false ... saying, "These are malicious leaks used to tarnish somebody who is dead."

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