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North Carolina Teen Decapitates Mother While Siblings Remain Unharmed

A North Carolina teenager, Oliver Funez, 18, is reportedly an alleged suspect in the decapitation of his mother inside his family's home.

Monday afternoon,  Funez called 911 and stayed on the line with dispatchers until EMS arrived.

When the responders entered the home it looked like something out of a horror film.

"He was with the decapitation in his hand, and it was a gruesome scene. The oldest son killed his mother. It looked to be a large butcher knife, the weapon that was used. I can't tell you how many wounds,” Sheriff Kent Winstead said in a statement.

Investigators say the teen was immediately taken into custody after he placed the head on the ground in the crime scene.

The mother’s body was located inside the home along with Funez’s two younger siblings, who were unharmed during the satanic execution.

The last sibling was away at school at the time.

North Carolina prosecutors are currently seeking a mental evaluation of the troubled teen.

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