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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: When You Should Have Taken a Plan B #LHHATL

Another season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta kicks off now, can't wait to see where the ratchet takes us!

1. Crazy by Kehlani may have been the most appropriate song ever to introduce Joseline's new story line. Having the 17th baby by Stevie is the most psychotic thing ever. And what is this running list of items the baby needs? School $? For a fetus?

Sidenote: Young Dro better hope he gets at least 1.5 minutes of fame from this disastrous appearance on this train wreck of a show.

2. Is Joc seriously farming llamas? Or are those alpacas? Up there looking like the longest living member of the Platters and got the nerve to be working a farm. And he and Karli Redd together is nothing but trouble waiting to happen, especially with this 50+ year old woman asking this man if they go together? For real?

Sidenote: Why do Karli's toes look like they're trying to escape?

3. It looks like Mimi's fantastic summer may have included some new boobs, and a new boo who looks an awful lot like her old boo, but is apparently a big deal in the LGBT party promotion community. Tammi expects us to believe she was actually surprised Waka cheated on her (um ok) and Rasheeda is struggling juggling work and a baby and her ever so sneaky husband isn't happy about what she's doing, so I'm sure this will be used to justify his dirt.

4. Tommie is still super psycho. She did just teach me, however, that if you have a problem with someone, you are supposed to keep it street and wait until after they deliver their baby to beat that tail.

5. So why is Joseline having a masquerade party while being 6 months pregnant, I haven't the foggiest, but let's just be excited about the secrets that were unmasked in the first 26 minutes of the show! So Kirk Frost has slithered to the lowest depths and now has a side baby? And we all know this baby is his because no one but the guilty try to pull the reverse "I mean, you know I'm a married man, what do you look like sleeping with me?" #QuitIt

Sidenote: Joc's facial expression when he found out has instantly become my newest favorite meme.

6. Welp, we've uncovered another raggedy Mimi ex, Rod, who I'm sure we'll get to meet in future episodes.  seems to be a real jewel. I have to admit if anyone had all the reasons to go play for the other team, it was her, she has the WORST taste in men.

7. Kirk obviously got right on his Trey Songz ish and ran to Rasheeda so he could lie right to her face. Kirk isn't even a good liar at this point. Take that minute that Rasheeda offered and try to be honest Kirk.

8. Lawd Stevie is stuck between a crazy and a loon dealing with Tommie and Joseline. This is a hot mess. Sidenote: I've never seen anyone go to jail as hard as Tommie did, looking like Dominique La Rue in Harlem Nights.

9. Social media has kind of ruined this stare down that Stevie and Joseline are sharing since we all know he's claiming the baby (cutie pie Bonnie Bella), but it's still fun to watch.

10. I mean this season of Love & Hip Hop should have come with a Plan B! Everybody got a baby this season!

Welp, we'll all be holding our breath until next week!

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