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#LHHATL Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 4: I da pappy!

Time to tune in for another week of the ratchet, all aboard the Love & Hip Hop Train!

1. Joc looks like a kid in a candy store looking at this potential 4some situation! While we all know Tommie is playing him just to get back at Karlie, at least he'll get to enjoy what looks to be the only non-surgically enhanced body on this show.

2. Who are these random females? After googling the Glam Shop, I still don't feel any reason to get to know them, but I'll hold out hope.

3. Welp, here comes Karlie in all her messiness, but when she pulled out that camera like Olan Mills to make sure she got Rasheeda some living color evidence, pure L&HH magic. Sidenote: That baby looks so much like Karter and all the other K's in Kirk's klan.

4. Um complaining to your fiancee's mama may not be the move Bambi. Did anyone think that relationship was going to make it another season? Sidenote: Momma Dee is giving us full Liberace this year with the sparkles and sequins and I for one am here for it!

5. So ATL had to go find a low budget Cardi B.? Cause that is all this Lovely Mimi is serving. However the quote of the season may be "Hey, I knew I was gonna like you when I saw them mugshots, girl we twinning!!" #Facepalm

6. So yet again Scrappy has a "homegirl" to confide in. All I know is Shay is somewhere watching this like, "You in danger girl".

7. Sooooo how much $ are we betting that at least one of these strip club side chicks are messing with Lovely Mimi's husband?

8. Okay so now Joc is in the potential baby daddy pool too? At least he wore a condom, but jeez what is up with all the casualty babies this season? And Joc seriously looks like he is getting ready for Sunday morning service with this bedroom get up, he just needed to trade those black socks for some broke-back slippers

9. Sooooo is anyone else still shocked that Scrappy has an active father in his life? And further more did we ever think Bambi and Scrappy would make it another season?

10. Why would you go out with a co-worker that you don't like and attempt to give a performance appraisal in a club? In what world did anyone think that was going to go well? Something tells me the Glam Shop has not seen the last of Lovely Mimi despite the quitting.

Well at least this season is shaping up to be entertaining!

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