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#LHHATL Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 3: My girl got a girlfriend..

Allright 3 episodes in and the drama has blown up! Here we go folks:

1. So while we all know from all the blogs that this baby is likely Kirk's, yet Rasheeda's bad acting is making me think maybe this isn't true. I mean couldn't you muster just a little more emotion if your husband of umpteen years actually had a side baby?

2. Oh Tommie, poor damaged Tommie. So your only goal is to stay out of jail for a whole year? And hanging with Tammie may or may not be the move since that could open you up to even higher profile drama.

Sidenote: Why was Tammie looking like the oldest extra from Clueless?

3. So now Waka wants to come home? Isn't that always the way? Spreading all his sauce as Mimi would say and now he wants to go back to his family. For real though, we haven't seen Tammie do anything successfully in 3 seasons so she may want to go on ahead and fix him a plate of food.

4. Karlie is flat out the messiest person in history. So Rasheeda is your homie, but you're spreading her business all over the club to people who are half her friends?

5. HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP! So Rod, ex con and ex Mimi's man, has not 1, but 2 girlfriends? Who live in the same house with him? And claim each other? How does someone fresh out of prison manage to do something in 1 episode that Peter Gunz has been trying to do for 7 seasons?

6. So now Mimi wants to lecture Stevie on making bad decisions and possibly (definitely) getting Joseline pregnant? Really Mimi, bad decisions? Um ok.

7. Tommie and Jessica Dime becoming friends seems like a bail bondsmen's dream! I can't imagine how little time it will take for those 2 to start some real drama.

Sidenote: Whoever did Jessica's Dime's work should be the resident surgeon for all seasons of L&HH.

8. Okay, so we're expected to believe Mimi hasn't talked to Rod in almost a decade, but is able to just reach out to him and get him to open up to her about this Rasheeda/Kirk/Side Chick situation? Um, yeah.... If Melissa knows what's good for her she wouldn't have lost that night of business.

Sidenote: When Rod told Mimi she is always swinging from Rod to rod #REALTEARS

9. Tammie and Rasheeda need to be on an episode of "Iyanla Fix my Life" with this tragic sob story and fake cry.

10. Does everyone on this show have a boyfriend and a girlfriend? Cannot wait til Karlie finds out about Joc and Jessica!

Allright folks, til next week!

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