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#LHHATL Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 2: You Gotta Hold On To Your Receipts

Here we go folks week 2 of the ratchet:

1. Stevie you can't have it both ways! You can't tell Joseline you don't want to be with her and then tell her she can't take the baby to leave with the people who can help her, her parents. These two are becoming as bad as Mimi and Stevie, never ending saga.

Sidenote: Who knew Joseline had parents?

2. Um so Jasmine, you're trying to tell us that you mistakenly told the wrong people you had a baby with Kirk? So you mean to tell us you thought Kirk wives' friends were the RIGHT people to tell? And this Rod dude seems like he is straight on the come up, can't wait to see when he and Mimi reconcile.

Sidenote: Why does Jasmine have on SOOOOO much makeup? Tears of a clown....

3. Tommie would be hilarious if she wasn't so dang tragic! She and Mariah Lynn need to get together and do a song called "Group Home Blues".

4. Why has Ernest gotten so old since the last season? And while I understand that Momma Dee doesn't think she should come after Ernest's mama, suggesting a threesome even jokingly with his mama is just dead wrong. #YUCK

5. Why is Mimi's pseudo girlfriend being so cozy with Joseline? And what type of DNA are we stealing from 2 day old drawers? This is some Phyllis Young and the Restless mess.

6. So Karli, being messy as always, has now gotten ALL the receipts on Kirk, so we can expect implosion any minute. But the real star of this scene is Yung Joc who brought up the most ludicrous reasonable doubt ever, because who is to say that these receipts are real? I mean Kirk's head COULD have been superimposed on another man's body! Yep, that's feasible Yung Joc.

7. It is so funny to me that Momma Dee can't realize her meddling self is no better than Ernest's mama as she continues to try to run Scrappy's life and his relationships, or lack there of with the Bambs.

8. Did Momma Dee really just give Ernest a Pamper and a onesie? Like for real.
Sidenote: Scrappy still has the most epic faceial expressions ever.

9. I literally heard brakes squeal when Karli told Rasheeda that woman lived in her building.

10. Kirk got that look like Kane in the interrogation scene in Menace, LOL!! Rasheeda in there knowing she should have been cooking some grits, but here they go stretching this confrontation out another week.

And that's all folks til we get all the details on the Similac next week.

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