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Fiance Shayanna Jenkins testifies at Aaron Hernandez double murder trial

Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, is testifying Thursday at the former football star’s double murder trial.

She takes the stand as the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case before the weekend.
On Wednesday the court focused on the weapon used in the double killing.

Ballistic expert Michale Hagg took the stand for several hours. He testified that five shots were fired into the BMW where the victims were sitting outside a nightclub in the South End in 2012.
But Hagg did not have the actual car to work with because it had been shipped overseas.
Instead, he used photos to reconstruct the scene, which is a fact that the defense used to try and discredit the expert’s report. Jenkins had been on the list to testify earlier this week, but her appearance had been delayed until Thursday.

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