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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Reunion Special Pt. 2: Fight to the Finish Recap

Okay, we're back for part 2 of this reunion debacle folks!

1. So Yandy, if you didn't know who the audience member that attacked Samantha was, help us understand how you knew her name? And you didn't know that Kimbella was at the party, until after she got there, but she called you on her way? You're sounding really fraudulent right about now Yandy.

 Sidenote: So apparently, you're married just because you feel that way, but you don't need any legal papers per Yandy nowadays. So if I just say I own a beach house in FL because I feel that way, I guess it's cool??

2. Bianca why are you acting like you didn't want Drewski when you opened the hotel room looking like you were trying out for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? But like Cardi said, it's a sin to sleep with a married man not someone's boyfriend. Now that Drewski proposed, I guess Bianca over there straight sinning.

3. Why does DJ Self find all of his talent in strip clubs? And who do we believe, Cardi or Self about how he and Major did or did not get do?

4. When will WWE or UFC start sponsoring the L&HH Reunions? It seems like they are starting to look very similar.

5. So now that Cisco is the executive producer of Gwinnin, does that mean he still don't have a job?

6. Why did Snoop's eyes perk up so much when Mariah Lynn mentioned her 3 yr. relationship with a woman?

7. Ummmmm Tara, we don't believe you, you need more people! Peter has made it very clear that he can pick and choose between Tara and Aminah whenever he likes. Flat out, Peter wants both of these women. Figure out how to get your Big Love on and move on.

8. Does the cast look at the montage of clips from the season and just think WHYYYYYYYYYY?? I know I do.

Allright folks, this wraps another season of ratchet reality madness, til next time!

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