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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Reunion Special: How Many Fights Does It Take To Make a Reunion Special?

Well another season of Love & Hip Hop has ended and it's reunion time, so let's get to it folks!

1. It didn't take long for that to go poorly! Did Cardi just dot this girl? Regardless, Cardi is going a bit over the edge right now, but I'm always here for her and this show will be nothing without her next year when she leaves to focus on her rap career.


2. Mariah Lynn literally has no a**. I mean she looks like an ironing board. And why does she look like Meth America Barbie? And will she ever learn that Cisco is a snake?

3. Why is Creep Squad is always telling their business? Isn't that the exact opposite description of creeping? And why are these grown men fighting over who started a fake club?!?

4. Did Cisco just hand over his appearance fee to Peter and Tara or was that $10K check a piece of paper?

5. A baby?!? So we're meant to believe a real OG like Snoop was going to have a baby with this reality show train wreck? #QuitIt

Sidenote: If someone says "Did you cheat on me?" and is met with the response "Huh?", they cheated flat out.

6. Still sad for Remy and Papoose and the loss of their baby, poor things. They should just have Tara have the baby for them seeing as she's quite the Fertile Myrtle.

7. Why does Kim, Samantha's mama always look like she should be hosting a talent show or holding a mirror for Morris Day?

8. This Yandy-Samantha-Mendeecees-Erica love triangle is TIRED! Who cares about the timeline,. Ya'll are all fighting over a man that's calling from jail! Desperate much ladies? And if Yandy tries to throw that ring in someone's face one more time I will scream. But for real Mendeecees, if you took Erica to Aruba and the Dominican, ya'll kind of did travel the world together or at least the Caribbean. #ijs

9. Does VH1 offer breast enhancements as a part of the signing contract for this show? Erica and Kimbella look like they literally may topple over at any moment.

That's a wrap  until part 2 of the reunion, til next time!

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