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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 13: Baby Mama Drama Never Ends

Here we go folks, it's time for another week of the ratchet known as Love & Hip Hop New York!

1) As much as I love Cardi B., her downfall is going to be her family. Trying to bring young Hennesey along for the L&HH ride is a recipe for disaster.

2) Why does Yandy act like she is the only person that ever had any drama in her life? Aren't books supposed to make you feel like you're reading about yourself? A good friend would have recognized that hey maybe Juju is a good author, but nah, Yandy always has to make everything about her. ***insert eye roll***

3) I really wish VH1 would start a Go Fund Me to have all of Mendecees kids emancipate themselves because they all have to have more sense than their dumb mothers! Why are ya'll fighting over an 11 yr. old's birthday party?

4) So is Remy going to have IVF or what? It's amazing how much we don't want something until we can't have it or it's taken away from us. She may need to make this solo album her baby and move on.

5) Rich is possibly the best character on this whole show because we love him whether he's a good guy or a creep. Curious to see if he and Miracle work this out.

6) Oh Peter, finally you become a man! Creep no more maybe? Happy to see that he finally stopped Aminah from tripping back into the same vicious cycle for the 50 11th time. Now hopefully she doesn't keep the kids from him in some foolish attempt to win him back.

7) I really need a TV One Unsung true story of Mendecees and his baby mama drama! Who's lying? Clearly everyone is telling their own version of the truth, but geez we need the #1 Ladies Detective Agency on this one to find out which is the most accurate.

8) Kimbella's wig budget could really keep a child in a 3rd world country fed for years. Who spends money on this much weave?? Yandy needs some real friends that will check her on how dumb she's looking in this whole situation.

9) Peter really needs to understand he is like crack to Aminah and she has to stay far far far away to avoid needing her next hit. No one should blame her for that and he should be using some of that Creep Squad $ to come and visit his kids WITHOUT trying to smash their mother.  And Tara and Aminah hugging it out shows real growth........or a big check.

Sidenote: Aw shucks, when did Corey Gunz get out? He had such the promising career let's hope to see him back soon.

10) And now Kimbella in an effort to get more screen time has truly gone off the deep end. Why show up for a kid's party without your kids if you weren't coming to fight? Why show up at all when you don't like anyone invited? And why do you have yet another wig? lolol. Is this your fighting weave Kimbella?

Allright folks til next week!

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