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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Breakups to Makeups

Allright y'all, it's time for another week of ratchetdness!

1. Um, Yandy, I was in your corner with not signing the paperwork since you didn't want your assets frozen and all, but you HAVE to keep your husband in the loop on your shady dealings. So riddle me this, you're bragging all around town, about someone who isn't your husband and even HE doesn't know he isn't your husband? #MESSY

2. If Remy ever gets pregnant, she and Papoose need an EPT commercial. I don't think anyone will ever be as happy with a positive pregnancy test as him.

3. When did Tara and Cisco become this close? He's the godfather to her kid??? Well, I guess if you have 25 kids you do run out of people to make godparents, but still. Cisco is seriously the worst actor ever; he and Peter need to make up just so we aren't subjected to this anymore.

4. Will Snoop ever lose her accent? She and Sophie Vergara must be paid to keep their accents.

5. Infants and Toddlers and Fetuses oh my! Papoose is acting like a girl, is he seriously sabotaging birth control? C'mon Pap!

6. Why are Mariah and this Major girl fighting over being the Queen of Gwinin? What's half of nothing? You are literally fighting over a spot at a PRE party! People don't even show up for the pre party!

7. Wow, so Samantha's best friend was so quick to tell Yandy all the goods? I mean aren't you supposed to plot on your baby daddy with your best friend? That felt like a hoe code violation for sure.

8. Why is J. SO messy? She is entirely out of control for absolutely no reason other than blaming it on the liquor. And possibly being off her medication. Snoop needs to cut this dead weight FAST!

Sidenote: Sofi Green's stage left exit was priceless, LOL!

9 Why is it, that men always want to talk about some "punk a** money" when they owe it to you?? Cisco knows he needs to quit as neither he nor Peter is in a position to sneeze at $10K.

Sidenote: Cisco appeared to look as if he rushed Peter in slow motion! And why the after school special music? #WACK

10. Allright, we've had Peter and Tara, maybe next week we'll get an Aminah sighting! And where the heck is Cardi B. to save this train wreck?

Til next week folks!

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