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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop Recap: Season 7 Episode 10

Allright folks, let's see what shenanigans tonight has in store:

1. While I'm not condoning snooping, I do think Sky had plenty of reasons to go through Drew's phone considering she just caught him with a girl in her panties a few weeks ago. I don't know if Juelz Santana would be the perfect person to give relationship advice, but hey, to each his own.

2. Why is Rich talking in parables like Jesus? And why is Peter acting like anyone should trust his judgment? If he can't be trusted to get a proper vasectomy, he definitely can't be trusted when money is involved.

3. Okay, so why would Yandy show up at a party she wasn't directly invited to: when she JUST locked the host out of her own house? Yandy doesn't always get a pass, but in this case, there is no reason that you would take your kids into a potentially volatile situation. Sidenote: Why does Samantha's mama always look like a late 80s drug dealer???

4. Why the heck is Major Galore gyrating in a pulpit? There wasn't a rec center or something for your rehearsal? And Cisco is seriously the snakiest snake ever! Now he's pitting one starving artist against another? And apparently Mariah is genuinely starving since he's not paying for her groceries anymore.

5. Um, I'm confused. So Judy told Erica and Samantha that Yandy didn't know anything about the party, but then she told Yandy she would have expected her to be there? Ummmmm, so which is it?

6. Picking between Mariah and Major is like picking between trash and rubbish, they both STINK! And what the heck was up with Mariah's shorts? It looked like she had a fully loaded diaper!

7. So Drew is clearly just trying to end this relationship. Where did you think this situation would spin if you post an embarrassing video of your girl on social media? And Sky, why would you ever cohabitate with someone you don't trust? This relationship is going to last about as long as Peter wearing a condom.

8. Was there some kind of clause in every male's contract that said they had to act as emotional as possible to stay in the cast? What is up with all of the after school special moments? All of the hugging and gazing and sobbing and head grabbing is too much.

9. So you aren't ever going to call me collect to cuss me out! Samantha is clearly a better woman than me. And Mendeecees sounds real stupid calling Samantha from jail to talk about Yandy when he hasn't inquired about his child. Well, at least Samantha has all the receipts since apparently she's been taping everything. Can't wait to see where that goes!

10. Finally an Aminah sighting next week! And Cardi B! Let's get back to the good stuff.

That wraps this week's ratchet recap, see you next week!

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