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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 12: When Ratchet Meets Paradise

Buckle up folks, it's time for another week of ratchet!

1. It is so painful to see a man cry and it's worse when it's someone who is sooooooo in love with his woman that he's feeling her pain. Hopefully Remy and Papoose can get past this. Maybe they'll be the first IVF Love & Hip Hop couple.

2. Did Snoop actually call them all low budget creeps??? #RealTears She's right though the Creep Squad may be the lamest group of dudes ever, she could easily lead that squad.

3. If Kimbella had half as much focus on her career as she does on Juelz', she would be a super star right now. Again, GET A HOBBY! Start a fake contact line, do something besides be all in Juelz business.

Sidenote: What work is Chicken Noodle Soup going to do in Mexico? Is there a recording studio at this hotel that we don't know about?

4. Why is Mariah Lynn looking like when meth meets Mermaid Barbie? Seriously, no one cared about the beef between Chicken Noodle Soup and her anyway. But when Cardi said she looked like a prisoner with her braids, truer words have never been spoken.

5. Again, WHO GOES TO MEXICO TO WORK unless they're a drug dealer or a party promoter? Yandy sounds downright dumb. And now yet another after school special moment in the club. The script is truly going downhill....

6. So you organized an empowerment brunch for people you didn't know were coming on a trip that you were half invited on Yandy? OMG #QuitIt And is Vh1 paying per tear this season? Why is Kimbella always crying??

7. How old is DJ Self? You fake spray painted someone's car? What's next a wet willy?

8. Is Kimbella's track showing? Or did her wig cap just get pushed back?

9. Is this book about Yandy? Is there anything that's not about Yandy in Yandy's mind? And since no one else seemed to know the story was about you, why did you bring it up in front of everyone if you wanted to keep it private?

10. How much does the Grand Oasis Pyramid regret this "free publicity"?

How many more episodes do we have? Allright, til next week folks!

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