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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 11: Endings and Beginnings..and Everything In Between

Allright, another week of the ratchet, here we go:

1. Soooo Samantha shut up really quick about Yandy planning Lil Mendecees birthday party when she offered up those coins. Really, there are so many kids involved, hopefully they all work this out one day soon.

2. Wow, Aminah must have said she is not here for the foolery this year, because she didn't even deliver a line! Well, at least she hopefully got the vindication she was looking for since she managed to have Peter's last pre-op baby. Regardless of how ratchet Peter is, he makes some pretty babies.

Sidenote: So is all of this Aminah LA stuff just a plug for her to go on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

3. Remy better go ahead and have this baby before Papoose runs off and has a side kid like Kirk and Rasheeda! So happy for them as they seem to show real #BlackLove every day. But for real, did Papoose just have to knock the table over like that??

4. Kimbella get a da** hobby! How are you mad at your man for working? You sound really stupid right now and how dare you question Yandy about her non-existent business with your husband. Why is Yandy always managing irrelevant artists? Poor Juelz, he has mouths to feed and that Dipset $ obviously ran out in '06.

5. Oh Peter, this pathetic back and forth with Tara and Aminah is so played out. So now you want to be with Tara and while I hope she kicks you all the way to the curb, we all know she's going to give it another try "for the kids" ***insert hardest eye roll ever here*** Sidenote: What is it about birthing Peter Gunz's babies that makes you a qualified author? Aminah and Tara just out here getting book deals over Peter's penis?

6. Oh Cardi, I love you, but how do you get dumped by someone in jail??? So hopefully this relationship with your producer works out, but we've all seen that working together and dating never works on Love & Hip Hop.

7. So who else is pretty sure this beach vacation with Yandy and Kimbella is going to turn into an all out melee?

8. Okay, so I don't know what kind of brother Tara has, but if anyone had treated most women the way Peter has treated Tara, their brother would not be interested in giving second (really 400th) chances. And really a surprise party and a public apology was all it took to get you grinning at Peter again. Finally, for real Tara is 40 YEARS OLD??? 40 YEARS OLD and she's still falling for this okie doke??

9. Okay Cardi, so you get dumped and then you taking Swift to your family functions! Hmm, I guess they're going to really test this Love & Hip Hop relationship curse. Sidenote: Vh1, please quit trying to make us love little sister Hennessy as much as we love Cardi B!

10. Wow, poor Remy and Papoose! Why is it Peter can populate the Earth and poor Remy can't have one baby with her husband. Man what a sad note to end the show on.

Allright folks, til next week!

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