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Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Bad Blue Wigs and Other Messiness

Here we go folks another week of ratchet goodness, otherwise known as Love & Hip Hop New York

1. Seriously, how long has Kimbella been with Juelz? What part of this is how the industry works does she not understand? Not that I think Juelz is really going to make a comeback, but if he doesn't he can definitely place part of the blame in Kimbella stressing him out.

2. Sooo Drewski is messy as all Hades. Why would you put a phone conversation on speaker in front of your girl with your future sidepiece, without letting your future sidepiece know? That's just plain dumb. Of course no one from Hot 97 seems to know how to really be the pimps they try to be so this isn't shocking.

Sidenote: Strip and Fitness? So your half faithful boyfriend is going to be dj'ing while you have half naked women working out around him? Um ok.

3. Where the heck are Aminah, Tara and Peter? I know there was a lot of maternity leave going on, but everyone is waiting on that trainwreck, c'mon.

4. Sooo why is Mariah Lynn trying to sound/act like Cardi B.? And why is her lacefront soooo bad? And why doesn't she realize that the girl Skye is talking about is Bianca who was supposed to be her friend last year?

5. Yandy, Yandy, Yandy, we don't believe you, you need more people! If you weren't trying to show up Lil Mendecees real mom, you wouldn't be doing all of this on TV. Sure, everyone should get a check, but this is a conversation to be had in private. And who cares if the kid is staying with his Grandma? She's actually related to him, you are not. So if the kid was staying at your house then it would be a step in the wrong direction.

 Next, if all the baby mamas called a meeting and they get along, but not with you, you're FOUL! Nothing ever adds up with Yandy, from her business dealings to her kids.

Finally, you're so worried about seeing Lil Mendecees, but where the heck are your kids this season? Over here trying to be Super Stepmom.

Sidenote: Why is Samantha's mama Kim over here looking like Sandman Sims in this bowtie? I know Showtime at the Apollo got a reboot, but dang!

6. Bianca is out here looking real desperate. Blueberry Smurf needs to find her own man and quit playing. Drewski is no better because he's actually in a relationship, but she really should have asked for a less parched storyline. #TheThirstIsReal

7. So J. Adrienne has quickly become one of the worst characters this season. First, you're losing at life if Kimbella is the only person you have to talk to. Next, how are you going to break down crying, with not one tear? Finally, you better hope Snoop sells everyone of those d**** that was in your living room because you have failed at 2 reality shows, you need the check.

8. Cardi, Bianca and Mariah look like they went to garage sale at Lil Kim's house with these matching multicolored wigs. #Why

9. Seriously, I cannot take Samantha's mama in this swap meet 3 piece! Who told her this was a good idea? I would have had a heart attack too to get out of that outfit. And that was the worst heart attack ever!

10. There must have been a fire sale on blue hair this week, jeez, why all the bad wigs?

The scripts this season are getting out of control, but we'll be back next week!

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