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#LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 5: She Got The Keys, Keys Keys

Allright guys, it's time for another week of ratchet recaps!

1. So look at Moniece getting dual show placement! That's right girl, get on that multi-show $ train!

2.  Why does Mariah have a fake tan to go to the beach? And why is she soooooo messy??? Not really your place to get in the Skye/Drew/Chicken Noodle Soup triangle other than to keep your storyline going. 

Sidenote: Did anyone else wonder why there were umbrellas with no sun?

3. Yandy, why must you ALWAYS have to prove your position?? If you are the WIFE, why do you care what baby mamas have to say? And why do you think they care about you flashing the ring,you probably paid for, in their faces?

4. A 30 day probation? What is this a job interview or a relationship J.? Well, for J. it really is a job interview. I mean, I'm with Snoop, you really aren't cut out for this relationship J. if you can't deal with the drama that comes with dating a celebrity. I don't know how many ways to say this?

5. Rich is like the Creep Squad Don!! He flipped that stuff like an old mattress. "Why you let HER get under YOUR skin?" Apparently no one on L&HH is ready to be in a relationship with a member of the Creep Squad. 

Sidenote: How many times are you going to focus on your daughter when your relationships go awry Rich?

6. Oh Drew! As soon as you walked in that hotel room it was over! No woman is going to be okay with their man being in a room with a half naked woman if he's not a lingerie photographer. He may as well have let the knocks go and just smashed, it was pretty much already over at that point anyway.

7. And here slithers in Cisco! Wow, really, you use your ill mother to lay the groundwork for the smash Cisco? Talk about Creep Squad. And poor Mariah i only one step out of foster care, you know she fell for this hook, line and sinker.

8. Really Skye??? You're walking around with a loaf of bread in your bra? Honestly, as wack as Chicken Noodle Soup is, you look like the bird.

9. Welp, just like that, Yandy pulled a boss move. Regardless if she is legally Mendeecees wife, she clearly has some paperwork in order cause she got the keys, keys, keys.....LOL! Locks changed!

 Yandy- 1 Baby Mama's- 0

10. WHERE THE HECK IS THE PANKEY CREW??? Seriously, if we don't get a Peter/Tara/Aminah sighting soon I will scream.

Til next week folks!

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