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Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 2: Love or Lust

Allright, let's get to it, time for another episode of our weekly ratchet pleasure!

1. Is the whole Hot 97 dj crew employed by L&HH NY? Is it an exposure thing or what? At least maybe now Chicken Noodle Soup will have an interesting storyline.

2. Soooo, is anyone else pretty sure that when Snoop says she and Juelz know each other from "back in the day"it means from back when they sold drugs together? Just me?

3. Did Cardi just freestyle "Cardi B, riding on this beat, still sucking d*** with my brand new teeth"????? #REALTEARS #LOVEHER

Sidenote-How long before this love triangle crumbles?

4. OMG, did anyone else hope that Gwinin had stayed in last season? Snoop's face pretty much sums up how I feel about this. Sidenote: Snoop is about to be running the creep squad! Sheesh, she got more women in 2 episodes than some people got in 2 seasons.

5. Why does Juelz Santana look so old?? Kimbella really has to quit, you have to get over the past and move on. You need to have a conversation with your man, not his friends. The music business come with a lot of women and if you chose to marry a rapper, you signed up for that.

6. Why is it rappers always want their kids to do anything but rap? I mean c'mon Remy, if you were a doctor they might want to be doctors, but you and their daddy are rappers soooo.... For real though, I hope these kids aren't wack because I think Remy might shank them.

7. If we could recover all of the lost studio time from people busting up in session on Love & Hip Hop episodes, someone might actually be able to release an album. Kimbella is flat out DEAD WRONG! She doesn't trust Juelz and it's not going to end well. At this point he may as well just cheat, she already thinks he is.

8. Sofi Green better leave Snoop alone before she wakes up playing a game of, "Where are my panties?" Snoop's girl is just a hot head. She and Kimbella both need to read a book called "Dating a Celebrity 101" and realize that fans are always going to be coming at your significant other. If you don't want to deal with that, date a janitor.

9. Remy you really getting mad that your kids are cussing? #QuitIt

10. Well, apparently Snoop's girl earned the name "So Hood" with this attitude, get off the counter girl! You are a reality show groupie who didn't get land "Real Chance at Love" so you decided to be gay for pay. Collect your check and hush.

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