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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Reunion Pt. 1: Pearls, Hoods and Security!

Well we made it through a somewhat lackluster season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and here's the recap of the reunion:

1. Soooo Moniece is now bisexual and has a girlfriend that she's trying to have a baby with? Where was this storyline all season?? Way more interesting than a half-hearted sex tape and living with Lil Fizz. Sidenote: Why is Moniece wearing a cotillion gown to this reunion?

2. Why is Nikki trying to jump bad now? She's been caught in a boring love triangle all season and now suddenly she's got more mouth than Moniece and Brandi combined? Quit trying to get a few more minutes of screen time and hush.

3. I can't even hear over all of the screaming to know what's going on with this Moniece/Masika/Brandi scene. Obviously Brandi is still angry that Moniece called her child ugly on social media. And then Masika said they should have saved the money Brandi stole for braces vs. a store. And I'm just going to quit typing because my momma taught me if you have nothing nice to say.....

4. It's nice to see that Princess and Ray J made it down the aisle amidst the drama of Brandi's mouth! Sheesh, this girl is a liability. Talking about she's the fixer, what have you ever fixed Brandi??

5. Ray J is the ultimate player! Seriously, he needs to find a way to parlay his marriage into some type of "I retired so let me give young players the game" show. He just has entirely too much wisdom and swag to let it go so easily.

6. So Sapphyri is likely not getting a 2nd season, even though he and Tearria are looking a little cozy on this reunion special and I wouldn't put it past either of their storyline hungry selves to try to hook up to get some more airtime. Sidenote: Why is Sapphyri over here in this hood? Is it cold in this studio?

7. What in the world does A-1 have on? No really, what in the world? He looks like a mix between cheetah and an AKA after their first proshow. #PrettyBoysWearPearlsToo

8. It is hilarious to watch Hazel and Masika go at it about who is more real when both of them look like any part of their bodies could be popped at any moment. Sidenote: Apparently Masika's dress decided to pop as well, what is going on with the seams?

Allright folks only one more week of this filler and we get back to the real cast with Love & Hip Hop New York!

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