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Detective Benjamin Marconi Shot And Killed Outside Police Headquaters

An officer was shot and killed Sunday outside San Antonio Police Headquarters. Police Chief William McManus identified the officer as Detective Benjamin Marconi.

Chief McManus explained that at about 11:40 a.m. Detective Marconi pulled over a driver for a traffic infraction downtown, near police headquarters off South Santa Rosa Avenue and West Nueva Street. Detective Marconi was in his car writing up the ticket when a black vehicle pulled up behind his patrol vehicle. The suspect exited his vehicle, walked up to the driver's window of the patrol vehicle and fired once, shooting Detective Marconi in the head. He reached in again and fired a second time.

The suspect then returned to his vehicle, drove through the police parking lot, and left the scene.

Detective Marconi, a 20-year veteran, was rushed to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. He was a father of two.

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