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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 8: Walkie Talkies and Other Shenanigans

Here we go folks, it's another ratchet recap for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood:

1. Okay Princess, we were in your corner. You were upset that Ray wasn't involved in the wedding planning, now you're upset that no one else likely wants to be involved either. Why are you so pressed to have a wedding when you have no one to invite?

2. First off, who is Lil' Fizz making music for? You weren't even the lead singer in your own group, no one is checking for you as a breakout artist. Next, why do we only see Willie in the studio? Where are your kids? Do ya'll have a home? So many questions.

3. Ray J gets points for finding the one relative willing to attend the wedding, but he loses major points for popping up at the dress fitting! Ya'll don't need any more bad luck Ray.

4. Why does Nikki have so many messy friends? And how do you get mad at Safaree for doing the same thing you did? Hello pot, meet kettle.

5. So not here for this wack Willie/Shaunda backyard Baby Boy makeup scene. This whole storyline needs to go like Willie's career.. away.

6. How many more flawed listening parties will L&HH sponsor? Why don't they just sponsor drink throwing competitions? Moniece is the real MVP for basically inviting people to a party to roast them, LOL. Ruining her own listening party, not so smart, but oh the petty runs strong in that one!

7. IS THIS DUDE REALLY TAKING LOVE ADVICE FROM RAY J AND SOULJA BOY????? ON A WALKIE TALKIE?? And now Ray J calls him a weenie for getting played by Nikki? This scripting is SOOOOOOO bad!

Let's tune in next week and see if someone places a tin can call, LOL! Til then folks!

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