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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Recap Season 3 Episode 11: Prenups, Lies and Leaked Sex Tapes

Allright folks, time to tune in for another week of ratchetness that is Love and Hip Hop:

1. Why is it that every guy who is trying to add color to his hair doesn't understand they need higher than a level 20? This burnt orange rust colored mess is not hot.

2. Oh Lyrica, why do you think that taking A-1's mom to meet up with your mom is a good idea? This is going nowhere but down...

3. Really? The surprise of the season is that Hazel came back? This honestly may be the worst season of this show ever.

4. Um Brandi, open mouth, insert foot, great job bringing up that pre-NUPT (so always thought it was just pre-nup but hey whatever).

Sidenote- Why does Brandi have this random material wrapped around her head? Are they getting married in a desert?

5. Okay, this Tearria Uber case is the most fake drawn out drama ever. Could you please make a song that never gets released already so you can get another storyline?

Sidenote- Was anyone else questioning if Tearria actually had the bail money? I think Nikki was....

5. Brandi, LISTEN TO YOUR MAN, Moniece is not the one you want! If you're smart you'll stop shopping this sex tape while the getting is good and before the Queen of Petty who gives no cares comes for your neck. 

6. So Masika wants to be petty and out Hazel for lying about having Fetty on a track.  As little as Fetty claims Masika or his child, is she even sure that's really his voice on the song?

7. What exactly is Princess protecting in this pre-nup? A hair and clothing brand? None of which can be found through a Google search. However throwing that no side baby clause in there is genius, you're on your way to half of Scoot-E-Bikes any day now Princess.

8. All you ever wanted was a forced hug Lyrica? #WillThisStorylineEverEnd?

9. So clearly Moniece has a type, really wack rappers. Who is this dude, Nikko Jr.? You just happen to have a "stolen phone" that just happens to have Moniece's sex tape on it? #QuitIt

10. Why is Hazel hosting an empty party? Who is paying her for hosting? And why is Masika wearing a body shaper as a dress? So many questions.

Is this season over yet? At least we have Mama Norwood to look forward to next week. Til then folks!

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