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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Recap Season 3 Episode 9: Hold on to your receipts

Here we go folks, another edition of the Love & Hip Hop ratchet recap:

1. Oh wow, yet another listening party for music we will never hear. Even L&HH couldn't get behind this one seeing as Masika has 9 people at this event.

2. Why why why do Brandi and Princess continue to come for Moniece? Has she not proved that she is the Queen of Petty and truly gives no care to anything they say about her? Not to mention, Princess you've witnessed first hand the proceeds from a sex tape can change lives, so um, I'd rethink this.

3. Sooooo, your heart will be mended about the "ultimate betrayal" that your daughter committed by eloping without your being there by getting her to pay for lipo??? Lipo??? Where they do that at? If Lyrica actually thinks this is going to keep her mama's big mouth shut she's so sadly mistaken.

4. Why do Fetty Wap's teeth look like he's been chewing butter and sunshine? Crest Whitestrips are $30, please invest. Something tells me Masika is not going to be happy when she finds out baby daddy is in the city and not at all interested in contacting her.

5. Nikki's brother dying is a really tragic backstory, but it's so so so hard to feel sorry for her or take her seriously.

6. Brandi has a point, her loyalty does mean something because she is ride or die for those she cares about (literally ride or die, she jumped on a car hood for crying out loud). I do think Jason sold himself a little short in his repayment for that sex tape that will probably help launch Moniece's career.

7. Does Masika have it in her contract that we can't see the baby until Fetty does? Why was she smothering her so hard in that blanket? Agreed, however, Fetty has no intentions of seeing this baby that he probably also never had any intentions of having.

Sidenote: It tickles me when women have to call a man by his government name to prove how well they know him, um yeah Willie.

8. Safaree, how wack are you? You hit on Teairra AND Lyrica's mom in a 5 minutes span? We all know you need a storyline, but you have to try to get with a main character for a contract renewal. And why do  A-1 and Lyrica keep having failed parties?

Who thought that park BBQ was going to be anything other than a disaster?  But for real, who can blame A-1 for trying to save some $ and offer up a waist trainer in place of expensive lipo that she probably will not maintain?

Sidenote: Why was Safaree eating dry lettuce and a napkin?

Allright, all til next week!

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