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Love & Hip Hop Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: It Takes 3 to Tango

Time to tune in for another week of the ratchet that is Love & Hip Hop!

1. So Masika and Max are making a song that will never be released, but if they think Brandi is going to actually be cool with no. I'll take crazy for $500 Alex.

2. Princess literally looks like a deer in headlights planning for this wedding.

3. Was fully expecting Safaree to be wearing is Care Bear while working out, but happy to see he opted out. And if he wants us to believe that he and Miss Nicki didn't want the paparazzi catching them on a "date", I have some swampland in Florida to sell you. Sidenote- Why is Safaree only Jamaican every 3 words?

4. WHY IS RAY J SPILLING ALL THE TEA?!? Seriously, this season he has broken up a marriage and now he's about to destroy a possible threesome. Clearly getting married is jacking up all his mojo. Perhaps he should spend less time hating and more time helping to plan this wedding with Princess. I mean how do you miss a cake tasting? That's the best part of the wedding!

5. This Rosa/Safaree/Nicki situation gets messier and messier by the scene! As scripted as it is, it's still a hot mess! Safaree definitely came off as more of a girl in this relationship than either of the women, sheesh!

6. Soooo, how is Shaundra driving a Benz? That Day 26 money is long gone and that Chocolate City 2 money can't be that long. And who didn't know Willie smashed that girl? C'mon she had full blown picture evidence! #NEXT

7.Um why is the wedding planner also acting as a marriage counselor? Seriously, pick out some flowers and serve the cake and keep it moving lady. Scam!

8.Are there any jobs in LA besides singer? Like does anyone want to be a teacher?

Masika should really pick a more stable profession knowing that her baby's livelihood depends on her. And Brandi, Brandi, Brandi how do you have the audacity to come in talking anything about deception? Ye who spent the baby's money on a store? #QuitIt Um and why did you get the $27K in $5 bills, but the $15K came in $100s? I mean shouldn't you try to make the $15K look like it's more $? And why is Max paying for the studio session? Shouldn't the artist be paying for the session?

Lots of questions this week folks, hmmm let's hope they're answered next week. Til then folks!

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