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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap...Season 3 Episode 5: The Wigs Are Off!

Time to tune in for another week of the ratchetness that is Love & Hip Hop Hollywood!

1) A1 and Lyrica are boring, despite every attempt to make it interesting with this contrived mama drama #NEXT

2) Well Shanda at least gets credit for actually having a single since no one on any L&HH show ever has real music, but this song has more autotune than T-Pain. And seriously, why is Teairra Marie offering someone music advice? Where is her career?

3) So Nikki is taking love advice about messy relationships from someone who dated Ray J and Soulja Boy? I guess experience is the best teacher, but both Teairra and Nia need to fall back. Nikki is messy, flat out and this relationship triangle is right up her alley, however, Teairra's face sums up the whole encounter.

4) Willie needs his whole behind kicked! Look, cheating is wrong, but there's a right way to do the wrong thing and he needs to get his sidepiece under control ASAP. Between that raggedy song and then knocking off your wig?!? Girl, that's grounds for divorce, smdh. #BYE

5) If L&HH has taught us anything, it's that men are worse than women with airing out the tea. Of course Saaphyri wants to get the goods on Nikki from Fizz **eye roll**. Nikki needs to stick with women because her male roster is wack!

Sidenote: Why the heck does Saaphyri look like an extra from Stomp the Yard? GAAAAMMMMAAA

6) Lol, Nikki was so strategic in her denial! Of COURSE I'm not messing with another guy! She is making Saaphyri look like a real simp. Any man card he received from Nicki Minaj is totally withdrawn.... sheesh!

7) Okay, why in the world did Lyrica and A1 decide to elope to the Kill Bill wedding scene church? Their mothers may show up straight Crazy 8 style, those women are unhinged.

Welp, that's my time folks, till next time!

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