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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap Season 3 Episode 7: Scoot-E Bike To The Altar

Time to tune in folks for another week of guilty ratchet pleasure:

1. The Sprush, Ray J? For real? First off, this is not a novel idea and next combining The Sprush and The Scoot-E Bike seems to be a terrible choice since they're likely totally different demos.

Sidenote- Why is Max getting his hair cut with those sad Chris Brown braids in

2. Oh Teairra, this career sob story is just too sad. First off, to get dropped from Roc A Fella records is just tragic. Memphis Bleek didn't even get dropped from Roc A Fella. Next, LA Reid should be pissed he prioritized you over Rhianna: who is now launching her fashion line in Paris and you're scraping up pennies to start a blazer line and being sued by an Uber driver.

3. SAFAREE MINAJ?!? ***real tears***. Rosa Acosta gets the funny of the week!
Sidenote- why the heck are Rosa and Nikki doing a pop up shop? Is it a requirement for everyone on this show a bootleg clothing store?

4. Why did A1 and Lyrica think telling their parents about them eloping was going to be a happy occasion, I'd like to know what they're smoking. Your parents hate each other and you being together so this was always no bueno. Ah well at least you gave everyone plastic champagne flutes so your mama didn't hurt anyone throwing that glass.

5. So you thought putting Princess on a billboard was going to make her stop being angry about you not helping with the wedding? Really? Why didn't you hire someone to help with Scoot-E Bikes so you could be there for her a little more after you whined so hard about having this wedding. Maybe Princess leaving you to ride your Scoot-E Bike home will give you some time to think.

6. Just like you miss your husband, I'm sure Max misses trusting you, Brandi. Sometimes you just have to give people some time to get over it and you need to realize that. Happy to see them getting back together because Black Love is beautiful and no one wants Brandi's crazy tail but him anyway.

7. Well I guess Rosa said I'll move on from Miss Nikki quickly, but I'm not sure bringing a stud stripper to your pop up shop opening was going to really make her jealous. Either way, Carter (Rosa's date) is more of a man than Safaree will ever be.

8. Teairra your career is over, face it! Maybe you should start a jumpsuit line to wear while you're potentially in prison.

9. Welp!!! Princess proved her point, but she may get more than she bargained for with Ray-J as the wedding planner. I'm sure he'll find some way to turn it into a business venture and have the bridal party ride in on Scoot-E Bikes or something.

10. Lyrica's mama is 14-karat crazy. Seriously lady, you and Teairra should sit down together and get a clue about things that are over, her career and your daughter's wedding.

Allright folks, til next time!

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