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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Prenups and Paternity Tests Recap: Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Alright, let's get right to it, another week of ratchetness starts now:

1. Well it goes down in the DM when Willie is around! And the text message apparently. #death to screenshots Willie wants to scream that no one cares about the past, but I'm pretty sure your wife does when it's colliding with your present. This whole situation reeks of Kirk and Rasheeda creating shenanigans to stay reality show relevant.

2. Who gets $27K in $5 bills? And why did Brandi act like she has never seen money before when Max brought it home? Isn't he the only person on this show that actually makes music shouldn't this be a normal occurrence?

3. WHY WHY WHY, do women have children by people that tell them from conception they want nothing to do with the child? Masika, sorry, but this whole situation reeks of a come up. I ain't saying she a gold digger.... By the way, don't worry about your daughter not knowing who her father is and growing up hearing him on the radio; by the time she gets old enough to understand he won't be on it.

4. Oh Willie, why are you sending this girl condolences with your shirtless body? Really? That's how we send prayers these days? #BoyBye

5. When did Brandy and Princess become besties? Didn't she try to break them up and get him back with Tierra last season? And why is she so excited about being the Maid of Honor? Perhaps she's happy to finally be a part of a wedding that actually exists. ***sips tea***

6. Nia, when did you become the expert on co-parenting relationships? Last time I checked your kid's dad did a disappearing act. I guess do as I say not as I do when it comes to giving advice to Masika. 

7. Welp, leave it to Moniece to spill all the tea! So apparently she's been "familiar" with Ray in the past (is this news? Ray runs through women with Usain Bolt speed) and now wants to spread that juice all over town. But an almost 20 yr. old story about Ray J is not news. #NEXT

8. The fact that Soulja Boy and tastemaker were used in the same sentence is mind boggling, but he is the perfect spokesperson for this Baby Boy like project.

9. Why do these people always have to have a sit down? There is never going to be a civilized sit down between your wife and your sidepiece. But Willie is holding on to that lie for dear life. But seriously, you creeping at the Red Roof in 2016?!?

Alright y'all, til next week! 

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