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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Prenups and Breakups:#LHHH Season,3 Episode 1

So the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood kicks off tonight and here comes your ratchet recap

1.Why is it always the broke partner that doesn't want to sign a prenup? Princess has a valid point, but at the end of the day they both have interests to protect, get to signing.

Sidenote: Why is Mama Norwood looking like an extra from Vampire in Brooklyn?

2. So Fizz is only living with Moniece due to a gas leak? There are no hotels in LA? #Quit It Sidenote: Why does Fizz have a transparent Gumby?

3. This whole Mommies & Mimosas event seems destined for a blow-up, SMH. Moniece and Brandi are a whole different brand of crazy. Like if the two of them, Nancy (Jim Jones mama) and Momma Dee (Scrappy mama) got together they could keep a psychiatrist in business FOREVA ***in my Cardi B voice***

SN- Was there a sale on Blonde 27 Dark Root weave somewhere? Why does everyone have the same tracks?

4.  OMG, Willie is over here looking like Day 29! Sheesh, what is going on with him? And his dream job is a role in Chocolate City 2? Did he see Chocolate City 1? He and Shaunda are clearly searching for a storyline this season.

5. Why does Teairra Marie always feel the need to bring people together to squash beef? And it always goes horribly wrong? Realizing that she still needs to stay relevant, but this messiness is getting so old. But for real, Fizz better sleep with his undies extra tight because Moniece is surely turkey baster level crazy.

6. HOLD UP, why the heck is Safaree on this show? Sure he's a F-List celebrity at best, but I thought he was better than this. And what's up with him and girls named Nikki?

7. Wow. Why did this girl bring print-outs of her convos with your husband to the studio where your goal is to restart your music career? #SoDisrespectful

Alright folks, til next week!

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