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170 Overdose Deaths In Cincinnati Ohio

It was one week ago that the city of Cincinnati was dealing with an unprecedented spike in drug overdoses.

Tuesday night, August 30, investigators might have a lead. It all has to do with a Cincinnati man named Robert Lee Shields. The feds know him as "Sosa."

They said he was the source of a batch of fentanyl that led to a dozen overdoses in five hours in Mount Sterling, Kentucky just outside Lexington. One person died.

This was at the very same time Cincinnati was overrun with OD's; more than 170 in just six days. Investigators have not linked him to the overdoses in Cincinnati. They were still testing the heroin to see where it came from.

The feds arrested Shields near Queen City Avenue. That was when Shields told them that fentanyl was quote, “All that's around." He'll face a judge Wednesday morning, August 31.

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