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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Bad Notes and Unnecessary Altercations...Season 5 Episode 15

It’s been a few weeks, but we’re back at it with the weekly ratchet recap from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

1. I can't stop laughing long enough to type this!!!! So how many times is Karli going to get a fake proposal?? I mean first Benzino, now Lyfe? At least she got to keep the ring this time, but Sheesh.

Sidenote- Ya’ll know that ring came from the Swap Meet right?

2. Momma Dee is about to have the smash hit of the summer #InThatOrder

3. Ariane will literally do anything to get more screen time. So now you want to be a singer, um ok. I’m pretty sure her first song will be an ode to Mimi about unrequited love..unless of course she’s Mimi’s new boo?

Sidenote: NO ONE throws shade like K. Michelle! Everyone has an album…but no music #preach and the look she gave Ariane was #priceless.

4. Soooo what’s up with the crossover? We got Miss Nikki and Lil Fizz in Atl, is this all a ploy to try officially add Stevie and Joseline to the LA cast when ATL finally goes belly up? Hmmm… And Nikki, what happened to keeping it classy boo? Joseline taking shots off your backside isn’t regal…

4. So Amber, you only dance to self-finance your cosmetic line and then the first time you get pissed off you throw the product at Tierra? That feels counterproductive. I’m also totally confused why your event consisted of 2 card tables, some Hobby Lobby letters spelling your name and what looks like enough samples to fill one makeup bag.

5. Cheating shouldn’t necessarily be a forgivable offense,  however, Tammy you married Waka Flocka, what did you expect? The love seems real, hopefully there’s some counseling in arranged for this young couple. Deb (while looking shockingly like Ursula from The Little Mermaid) is acting like she’s the one that’s about to get divorced. How is it that Tammy ended up comforting Ms Deb?

Well that wraps an incredibly contrived and non-eventful episode of L&HH

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