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Love and Hip Hop ATL Recap: When All The Crazy Came Out...#LHHATL Season 5 Episode 15:

A much needed break from the buffoonery of the #RNC to watch a little ratchet reality Monday Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

1. So Karli, you thought an ex convict with 4 kids was going to give you a real break-up ring? Just say that out loud a few times. Go on home with your "middle of the mall ring".

2. Stevie look like he got caught in traffic when asked about child support, LOL! I really don't understand the big deal about getting angry when someone is asking for legitimate child support when you're not actually taking care of your child regularly.  We all know Mimi is super weak when it comes to him so I'm pretty sure this conversation ends soon.

3. What kind of ballet dancing was Tommie doing? Ghetto Grande Jete's? Absolutely the worst. This girl is one sandwich short of a picnic basket and needs to get in AA ASAP.

4. Um Tammy, you're getting divorced, why are you the main proponent for marriage? How Scrappy went from a connecting necklace to an engagement ring the world will never know. I'm not even sure he knows...

5. Joseline is literally taking messy to a whole new level! She has put Karli to shame with the web she is weaving between Tommie/Stevie/Tierra, this is going to escalate faster than Tommie's erratic behavior. SideNote- How many more singles and videos is Joseline going to make that we never hear anywhere besides the reunion special?

6. HOLD UP! So Lyfe has a random kid and the mama is WALKING AROUND WITH THE DNA RESULTS in her pocket like a Kroger receipt??? *tears* And why are you fighting her Karlie? He gave you a promise break-up ring that was a fake and you're fighting his proven baby mama??

7. WHO HURT YOU MIMI??? Why are you so mad? She really needs to take some anger management classes and calm down. I'm confused at what Chris did that caused so much anger? Reaching out to a friend in her time of need shouldn't warrant the third degree.

8. Karlie is just a glutton for punishment! So now you wobble yourself down to Lyfe's music video to get broken down again. Dang Karlie get a clue! SideNote- You're right about one thing Karlie, Lyfe can do whatever he wants as proven by the hickey on his neck.

9. Wow a Tommie/Joseline fight? Who didn't see that coming? *YAWN*

Alright folks, that wraps up another week of ratchet, til next week!

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