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Love and Hip Hop ATL Recap: Rings and Things #LHHATL Season 5 Episode 16

It's time for everyone's favorite ratchet reality, let's jump right in:

1. First off, why does Ariane constantly look like she has a sheepdog on her head in the confessional clips? Second, why wouldn't someone feel slighted if they were left abandoned outside of a concert that they were invited to? Of course the celebrity has to move quickly after an appearance, however, if you're friends with someone you would expect them to at least make sure you had an Uber. Last but not least, who has any type of listening party with 1 and a half songs????

She could have made more songs than that in a mall recording booth!

2. Really Rasheeda? You just got the floors polished so no one can come in? Um, or do you not have any furniture in that 11 acre home? And you know a show is getting stale when you have to create drama among the AARP group, but Scrappy as always never fails to give us great expressions, like when he looked like his hand was caught in a cookie jar when Mama Dee walked up to give Ernest her last will and testament.

3. Um, so what is up with this weird Mommy Dearest routine that Joseline is trying to pull? The Jordan's (legal or not) are soooo washed up. #NEXT

4. Momma Dee IN THAT ORDER! Single in stores now, but the line dance really sets it all the way off. I really hope she appears at a state fair near me, cause I'm there.

5. King's birthday party phone call from his imprisoned father may have been one of the saddest things ever shown on this show (besides Joseline taking that Starbucks pregnancy test). Poor kid, they always get caught up the worst in all of these prison situations.

6. Why does Stevie always look so sleazzzzzyyyyy?? Even when he's trying not to!!?!? Still patiently waiting for he and Mimi to go ahead and reconcile.

7. So Scrappy finally popped the question! Though Bambi's face did not look like the picture of glowing happiness, let's hope this ends better than his last engagement. And to get Momma Dee's blessing shows that miracles really can happen! Can't wait for the bachelor party thrown by Yung Joc that Bobby Valentino will definitely attend and the wedding special where I can only pray Momma Dee officiates.

8. Hold up, so Tommie grew up playing in a cemetery?!? That explains a lot. I'd drink all the time too if my only childhood friends were Casper and a gravestone.

9. Lawd, so Ariane really opted to have this listening party with material she could have recorded on Triller? Why??? And Ariane, why you crying boo??? If you invite Joseline to anything and don't expect World War III you're an idiot. I think D. Smith's face sums this up for all of us.

10. As always, the season recap never disappoints. So Mimi, now your passion is interior design? In the 5 seasons this show has been on you've been a maid, music manager and porn star. Where will you go next??? And KK, I'm pretty sure you can't take a dog to jail. And Tierra is preggers?? Hmmm who's the daddy? Stay tuned, all will be answered in season 6.

Allright, that wraps this season! Next up, the ratchet reunion and I'm sure another (hopefully more eventful) city.

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