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Love and Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Guess Who's BizacK??!! #LHHATL

Alright it's time to tune in for another episode of our favorite Monday Night Madness, otherwise known as LHHATL

1. Well let's just get right to it! The messiest and the craziest just starting the show off right. Karli may want to chill with Tommie because she just might have met her match. You gotta admire someone who will do ANYTHING to keep a storyline, including risking her life messing with Scrapp. Can't see this ending well....

2. So after all the drama, the TV reason that Stevie and Joseline break up is Dawn? Really? And how many times is Stevie going to give Joseline the runaround about this contract? She has literally been waiting to get a copy of this contract since Season 2. Jesus will come back before Joseline gets a copy of this contract. She may as well cut her losses and go to court, he'd have to produce a copy there. Oh but wait, you can't take your "husband" to court...

3. I have never seen this many people with record labels and no music in my entire life! When did Karli get a record label? And how did Scrap go from worrying that he was being set up to setting Karli's trifling behind up on that counter?? I have questions people!!!

4. Sending your female friend on a scavenger hunt feels a little weird, but okay. Joseline and K. Michelle are like the ghetto Thelma & Louise and sure to cause some drama. Love that they're here to "make peace" while steady calling all of the ATL cast ratchet. Can't wait to see how they align alliances against the rest of the cast.

5. So now Stevie wants to stay with Mimi, hmmmm surprise, surprise. I believe I called the demise of Chris and Mimi's "relationship" upon introduction and the reprise of Stevie and Mimi comes around episode 9. Someone call the suicide hotline for Ariane! But for real Mimi, now you're playing Dr. Phil to you're baby daddy ex and you're sometime threesome frenemy and Chris is supposed to just be okay with that? Smart wo... um person to take the out now.

6. Is Tommie high or is she trying to create some type of weird Diana Ross on heroin voice? This woman has to be on (or off) for real medication because she goes from zero to 100 real quick. This doesn't seem like alcohol....

7. MOTHER THOTRESA??? ***real tears*** Jessica Dime may have given Karli the best L&HH title of all time. So now Dime is messing with Scrappy and Karli is messing with Scrap and I'm just like where is Scooby cause this is just confusing.

8. Well one person is happy about Chris and Mimi's break up, could Ariane smile any harder??

9. PSA, women should not fight over men named Scrap. #AllIHaveToSayAboutThat

That's my time folks, till next week!

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