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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Mothers Gone Wild!

It's been a couple of weeks, but I'm back at it folks with another ratchet recap of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

1. So let's start with the messiness that is Joseline's "video" release party. First, Joseline if you're trying to stunt on everyone at your "video" release party, I'm going to need your "husband" not to have on a bootleg Coogi. Also while I am totally open to Chris being whatever he/she wants to she cannot get upset when people don't quite understand from jump that you don't identify as a female. Lastly though, I don't know what game Joseline is playing, but I hope she's careful because dusting off Dawn may keep the ratings high, but could be a casualty in the process.

2. Tommie is like every L&HH crazy combined; a sprinkle of K. Michelle, a tablespoon of Aminah and a heaping cup of Lil' B. all rolled into one. Sheesh, #nutso.

3. Let me just go on record to say that a blind date with Waka Flocka's best friend may be the highlight of this season. Lol, rappers they're just like us.

4. Ms. Shirleen said I been going to school, I know Momma Dee has a clinical disorder #realtears. For real, all that third person talking does typically signify an issue.

5. EWWWWWWWWWWW this love scene between Momma Dee and Ja Rule's real daddy is just too much! But c'mon dude, you know ain't no romance without finance, this woman used to be a madam for crying out loud, you better get it together.

6. Ms. Deb keeps a solid 27 piece, she is not playing with y'all!And Rasheedah needs to let sleeping dogs lie. Her mama told her she wasn't ready to mend fences with Momma Dee and she should respect that and move on.

7. So pouring out a little liquor is one thing, but drinking out of the fifth of Hennessy at the graveyard is a whole nother level. While it is terribly sad, glad to see the King family reuniting because we need more drama from them as a collective this season.  #RIPDolla

8. Rasheeda, you don't love and appreciate your mama that much if you keep going against her wishes and trying to bring her and Momma Dee together. Everyone knew this sit down would go horribly wrong, but at least it didn't come to real blows. Momma Dee needs to go get her troubles off because she is clearly frustrated like Ms. Deb tried to tell her. Last, but not least, Scrappy really needs to quit acting like a little girl every time he hears about Bambi moving on when he's over here trying to be a fake Hugh Hefner with this "modeling agency". #QuitIt

Sidenote; Why is Momma's Dee's husband looking like a Vampire in Brooklyn reject???

Allright, til next week folks! Can't wait to see Karli get even messier with fake Real!

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