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How Does The Golden State Warriors Measure Up Against Kevin Durant

Even with the matchup of Draymond Green on Kevin Durant, I love KD's advantage here. He'll light anybody up. ANYBODY. That's not a knock on the defenders either. He torched the Spurs for the most part and that was with Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green taking turns against him. Even though his 3-point shot was off, he still got mostly any shot he wanted, and that's all you can hope for if you're OKC -- let Durant be comfortable on offense. That's a tough ask for him to do it against the Spurs and then again against the Warriors. But he torched this team in the regular season.

Now I'm not sure if that would change anything for the Warriors and what they want to do. How much help are they wanting to send toward Durant? They'll feel pretty confident in Draymond and even Harrison Barnes sizing up Durant and trying to take away his shot. But if he can get to the hoop consistently, that may change things. This is where the movement that we pine for with the Thunder's halfcourt sets becomes so important. They have to move. They can't ball watch on offense. Roberson and Waiters need to cut baseline. Russ has to cut down the middle of the floor. Adams and Kanter have to orbit the restricted area. You have to force the Warriors to make decisions on defense and not dictate the decisions for the offense.
I think Durant can do that and I think he has solid safety valve options.

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