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Remembering Doug Banks, Popular Radio Personality, Dies at 57

Doug Banks, who was a radio host at several stations, including Chicago's V103 and WGCI, and appeared on ABC7's ''190 North,'' has died. Banks was 57.

The Philadelphia-born, Detroit-raised Doug Banks began his radio career as an on-air personality for his high school’s radio station. Local station WDRQ took note of his talent and hired him for a temporary late-night weekend disc jockey spot. Even though he was the youngest DJ, he quickly earned a permanent position. After high school, Doug turned a six-week trial into a multi-year position at KDAY in Los Angeles.

His next LA stop was KFI, which was the stepping-stone to his first Morning show slot in Las Vegas at KLAV-AM. Next was KDIA-AM in San Francisco, followed by Chicago at WBMX (now WVAZ), where he took the Morning show from a 1.8 share to a healthy 5.6, beating rival WGCI.
After much success in the mornings, Doug was offered the opportunity to do a nationally syndicated show. The Doug Banks Morning Show, hosted by Banks along with DeDe McGuire, rose to become one of the top-rated syndicated urban programs in America. Each week, millions of listeners tuned in to hear some of the most creative and innovative programming on the airwaves. 
A concern fan of Doug Banks posted a PSA on Facebook concerning the black men and their health:
Attention Black men and the women who love them!! There is something about the ages between 40 and 60 that are just crucial to your health.  This is a crisis at this point. Ladies, encourage your husband/boyfriend/dad/uncle/brother/son to take care of himself. Watch his weight. Eat better. Get exercise. Manage his stress. Get proper rest. Encourage him to go to the doctor BEFORE his heart stops. This is the age we lost Barry White, Michael Jackson, Gerald Levert, Reggie White. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure!

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