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Rachel Roy Confirms She's "Becky With Good Hair' And Beyonce Fans Attack Her On Social Media Outlets

No one is safe from the BeyHive, and Rachel Roy is evidence to this fact. It's been a rumor for years that Rachel Roy was a strong factor in the infamous elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z. Solange and Rachel were both seen loudly arguing at the MET Gala, prior to the elevator fight. The 42 year old designer confirmed she is in fact, the "Becky with the good Hair."   

The 42 year old designer confirmed she is in fact, the "Becky with the good Hair." As you guessed it, Bey Hive has done nothing less than disappoint on soical media outlets making Rachel's day the worst ever. Some of Beyonce's loyal following confused Rachel Ray, the Food Network Chef, with Rachel Roy. Rachel Ray quickly made a statement to clarify she is not the intended target. 

When it come to Beyonce, no one is safe, and anybody can get it. Ha!

Rachel Roy has two daughters with Damon Dash: Ava, born December 7, 1999 and Tallulah, born May 14, 2008. She and Dash married in 2005. She filed for divorce in 2009. In April 2015, Roy was awarded sole physical custody of both daughters and Roy and her two daughters were granted three-year restraining orders against Damon Dash. After she won custody, Dash accused her of domestic violence and sued her for $2.5 million.

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