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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 2: The Crying Game #LHHATL

Here it is folks, time to tune in for another week of ratchet reality, otherwise known as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

1.  Okay, we all know Karlie is the messiest human alive, but inviting someone to a party that has nothing to do with you to intentionally start a fight is really a new low. Tommie and Tiarra may have done the worst acting known to man, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU DIDN’T KNOW THE OTHER PERSON. But for real, why would you start a fight when you know your pocketbook isn’t covered up and will be exposed to an entire club? #Trifling

      2.  I find it hilarious that Kirk and Rasheeda are living in the condo that almost got them divorced; however, I am happy that they’re at least working as a unit this year and haven’t had any paternity suits popping off. I just need to know when they’re going to announce that Rasheeda is walking around with a gut full of Kirk? Seriously, she looks 18 months pregnant.

3. 32 mug shots?!? How do you have 32 mug shots and you’re still roaming free on the streets? Wow Tommie, I think you actually may have a longer criminal record than every other cast member combined. 

Tiarra, why are you trying to fight your baby daddy while walking around in an urgent care splint? 

But this scene was stolen by Scrap, who when confronted about being with Tommie “every night” defended himself by saying “that’s not true cause you know I’m with you some nights”. 

4. Okay, so let me try to keep up,  Chris is a boy trapped in a girl’s body who doesn’t like to be touched anywhere that reminds her she’s a girl and prefers to identify with plastic male parts? So Mimi isn’t really a lesbian, she’s actually dating a spiritual man? Um ok #INeedADrink Sidenote: Ariane is SUPER SALTY that Mimi didn’t choose her to be a non-lesbian with, LOL.

5.  Scrappy has a modeling agency; the over/under is 4 weeks before a sexual harassment suit is filed.

6. Okay, apparently Love & Hip Hop is truly embracing the LGBT community this season because they are throwing around more PSA’s than an after school special. I’m sure this Grace Jones situation is going south real quick.

7.   Well the tea has been spilt! So to find out that KK can’t stand Tiarra because she snitched while KK was on the run after allegedly having her sons assault their father definitely explains some things (like why you feel like you need to keep plotting on your son’s relationship). Hmm, only time will tell if KK can break the “voodoo” Tierra has on Scrap.

8. Seriously does Scrappy have some type of speech impediment? Last week it was mrusic, tonight the models are breautiful? Get this man Hooked on Phonics please. Mama Dee has truly created a monster; Scrappy really shouldn’t expect Kirk and Rasheeda to fight his battles. You’re only the prince in one person’s eyes and everyone can’t drop everything to help you.

9.  Tommie is literally going for an Emmy!! OMG, those tears, though??? Why do people always try to arrange sit downs between the baby mama and the girlfriend? This never ever ever never goes well so expect more drink throwing and urgent care splints in the near future. Sidenote: Scrap must have learned from Stevie J, because he has these women running in circles.

 10. Why does Betty Idol look like a fake Downtown Julie Brown? And this whole Waka/Tammi/Betty situation seems really strange to me since Grace Jones is the actual transgender person and she was willing to forgive the insensitive comments Waka made. #Confused

This whole season already seems like heavily scripted over the top drama, but oh well, I’ll be back with popcorn next week. See you then folks! 

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  1. The "Mrusic/ Breutiful" lingo is some Memphis dialogue. A lot of hood people in Memphis speak without "r" control. I once saw a sign at Rally's/ Checkers in South Memphis that said "Mrilkshakes".