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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Mimi's Got A Boo!!!

It's time to settle in for another season of quite possibly the most ratchet and wild Love & Hip Hop season yet! Okay wait, hold up, no male could make the opening credits except Stevie J? Hmmmm...

1. Way too much is going on in the first 6 minutes. So first off Tammy is back, this should be interesting since apparently Waka Flocka isn't planning to be on the show, so can't wait to see what drama she creates to stay relevant. Next, why is Karli Redd acting like she opened a Louis Vuitton store? Girl, your store is probably at the Crenshaw Swap Meet #QuitIt And then we have the King family? So I'm pretty sure a county records search will produce some drug charges, but this notorious new family, with the fake Real and Chance brother duo should be good for some shenanigans.

3. Only Lil Scrappy could put a "R" in music. What the heck is mrusic? And Momma Dee why are you dining and dashing on a $500 bill? I mean what is running a muck in the palace that you couldn't cover off on a $500 bill?

4. So the hope was that Mimi's new boo was at least better than Nextel (or whatever that loser's name was), but wow she's out here with Chris, who IS A GIRL??? I guess Joseline must have just turned her all the way out in that little off camera tryst with Stevie. One thing is clear, Mimi will do ANYTHING for a check, when at first your sex tape fails, try out a girl on girl relationship...

5. Okay Yung Joc and Scrappy living together may be the highlight of this season! You know this is an accident waiting to happen.  If and when Bobby Valentino is attending your party you know it's equal parts suspect and ratchet. It's only a matter of time before something crazy happens.

6. So if you have to go spy on someone Karli Redd is the best person to take with you because she does get more tea than Lipton, but Tommie is about to get her feelings hurt. First off, there is no baby mama that does not know who you are after you've been dating her baby daddy for a year, so trust this waitress knows exactly who you are. Next, inviting this girl to Mimi's new boo's birthday is all kinds of a bad idea for so many reasons and just flat out messy. And last, I'm pretty sure Mama King could have just put a hit out on her, she seems to have connections.

7. And the winner of the petty award is MOMMA DEE!!! You dropped hay in the middle of Rasheeda's store because she's a dirty bird and she needs a nest?? #RealTears

8. I can't even take this Scrap dude serious because 1. he really looks like a fake Chance reject (RIP) and 2. I will continually get him confused with Lil Scrappy. Next, why you got to lie Craig? If you are still messing with your baby mama, just be honest about it, why are you lying about your girlfriend? However, Tommie looks too doggone old to be playing games with the baby mama so let's hope this sparks and fizzles fast.

9. Well I for one was waiting on Mimi to introduce her new boo like Christmas and it did not disappoint! The poor girl just looks so sad, I can't decide if she's not into the circus or if she just realizes her stint will only be until the ratings don't spike so she'll probably only get a 1/2 season check. But the person who really should be upset in all of this is Ariane, I mean she admitted to liking girls 2 seasons ago, Mimi couldn't cut her in on this relationship for some screen time?

Can't wait to see what next week brings which is surely some wig splitting and drink throwing!

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