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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Scrap Saves The Day Season 5 Episode 3 #LHHATL

Time for another week of everyone's favorite ratchet reality, otherwise known as Love and Hip Hop!

1. Still not sure why Betty Idol feels it's her personal mission to defend the world against Waka Flocka's viewpoint. She quickly found out that Tammie has those hands when it comes to her man. As for the hair she lost, I'm pretty sure she can buy some more, real or not.

2. If Jessica Dime says your family seems like a "sketchy bunch" you probably should be under the jail because she doesn't seem to have lived too far from crime and sketchiness. Tiarra actually seems like she has her head on straight and really loves Scrapp, but no good is going to come of anyone who is going to Stevie J for advice (on anything other than hot 90s beats). #MoveOn

3. I really need Scrap to get a trim and a hot oil treatment despite the fact those locks are flowing. I have to admit Stevie is at least speaking some really odd version of the truth.

4. Tammie your husband didn't even want to be on this show and now you're spending the 10 minutes you get with him a month talking about this bs? Not to mention, why are you trying to invite him into even more drama by asking someone who clearly doesn't like his viewpoint to a party? Also, not 100% sure posing for the cover of a black men's magazine is the way to prove you're superwoman, but hey to each his own.

5. Stevie needs to be honest and admit the only reason he's angry about this Mimi "girlfriend" (or oops "spiritual man" situation) is that he can't get in on the fun. Regardless if Mimi is "smitten for the kitten" or not, they will always have some strange connection so I'm sure his meeting with Chris will be pure comedy.

6. Why does Scrappy feel that he has to answer any of Bambi's questions? IMHO, you moved on boo, it's over. Despite all of the back and forth, somehow Bambi continues to have a hold on him so I see a rekindle somewhere around mid season. Sidenote: She didn't have to take the dog though, LOL!

7. Welp Betty Idol that was a short lived romance..

8. When in the history of Love and Hip Hop has a sitdown with the sidepiece and the baby mama gone well?? Name one time?? Ray Charles could have seen how this was going to go...

Alright, this marks the end of a somewhat boring episode (saved by Scrappy), hopefully we'll get some more goods next week! #WhereIsJoseline

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